Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photographs and Memories

Click, click, click, click.... that familiar sound is music to my ears. The sound of a camera shutter opening and closing quick enough to capture life and it's moments. 

While perusing Twitter (yes, I know, I know... that's where I find EVERY one of my new challeneges), I stumbled across mentions of #project365 or #365project. Curious, I asked Julie from Dutch Being Me what exactly was this Project365. Being the sweetie she is, she explained that it's a commitment to take and post a new photo every day for the entire year.  Hmmm, a challenge I can definitely take on since I LOVE to take photos of everything and everyone.  It would be a breeze. Hell, I already have 4 amazing subject living under my roof - two very precocious little boys, a curious cat and a precious puppy. And I live in an amazing town that has loads of photogenic locales.  Let the photo taking begin!!!

Ok, so I'm nine days late on posting pics. Nothing new for me as I always seem to be a day late and a dollar (or two) short.  I've modified my version of Project 365 just a bit to reflect my crazy life.  I  will take my photos daily, but post them every Sunday after the kiddos are fast asleep.

So without furter ado, I present to you Week One and a half of my Project 365...

January 1, 2011
Pure, perfect love

January 2, 2011
Buddy's gonna learn to play the guitar

January 3, 2011
And the lion shall lay down with the lamb

January 4, 2011
Poor Thomas kite... still stuck in the tree.  Even a tornado couldn't set you free!

January 5, 2011
Winters Amazing Beauty
January 6, 2011
Buds trying to hang on through the new fallen snow

January 7, 2011
If only I could get through this window... that squirrel would be dinner

January 8, 2011
Caution! This puppy is NOT a morning kind of dog!

January 9, 2011
Chrismtas removed from the All Seasons tree and
winter birds and berries added in


  1. Those are great photos - I always mean to do Project 365 but I'm just not disciplined enough!

  2. Megan, thanks so much for the kind words. Many of my pictures have been taken with the camera in my phone (the Droid X). I know I do NOT have the discipline (yet) to post every day) so that is why I am posting weekly. Have you ever tried to do a Project 52 (one pic per week) and make it your Wordless Wednesday? Then you can build up slowly and by net year you CAN do the Project 365.