Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yanni Definitely Has the Truth of Touch

As a member of the One2One Network, I was recently given the opportunity to listen to and review Yanni's newest CD, Truth of Touch.

To be quite honest, I almost passed on this opportunity.  I thought "Yanni?? Isn't he that weird guy with the oddball music?"  But then I thought "What the heck, I've got nothing to lose. I'll listen while I write for my blog." And so I did...

And I am SO glad hat I did not let this opportunity pass me!  The music just simply flows like a peaceful river from my computer speakers.  A difficult post seemed to pour forth from my fingers as I listened to each and every song.  It's hard to write about dealing with a special needs child, but not this time. I wrote like I've never written before.  The music touched a nerve deep inside of me, made me feel like all will be alright with my little corner of world.

And as the tones flowed from my speakers, it wafted through the house drawing my children in.  My oldest, who has Asperger's, fell in love immediately.  He asked if this was his new night-time music.  He sat on the floor and just listened, humming the melodies after the tunes were long gone.  Music like that is a welcome part of our life.  It soothes, it calms, it heals, it helps keep us on an even keel. All of these make this CD well worth the purchase price!

I'll certainly something we'll keep playing over and over again!  We're sold, and hope that you will be too.


Now for the business part of my review:

I received absolutely no monetary compensation to write this post.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own and not those of any other person or entity.  In exchange for my membership with One2One Network, I received, for review, a free download of Yanni's "Truth of Touch" CD.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who Says Amazing Things Don't Happen?

So we went to Oakland mall today and an amazing thing happened..... 
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