Monday, January 24, 2011

Final Farewell -- A blessing during tragic times

In April of 2007, I stumbled across an article in The Catholic Standard & Times regarding the founding of Final Farewell.  It was a pleasure to see that its founder was an old friend from my childhood, a fantastic and caring person with a heart of gold!

Having known Patricia (Trish) most of my life (we attended the same grade school and high school), it doesn't surprise me that she has worked diligently to establish a foundation that cares so much for grieving parents and their families.  Trish knows first hand how hard it is to overcome life's obstacles with hard work, dedication and love.  She and her group are truly dedicated to helping families in the darkest of all the hours in their lives, the death of a child.

I'm pleased that Final Farewell was born and that Trish and her team can help countless families get the help and support they need.  It is my prayer that they continue to grow and receive community (and financial) support for their most worthwhile cause.  To aid a parent and help with the arrangements for a  dignified and compassionate farewell to their child is one of the greatest gifts that anyone person can share.  Small gestures mean so much to a grieving parent.  

As I type this post, Final Farewell is seeking funds to give a family of four who perished in a Philadelphia house fire on January 13, 2011, a proper burial, including a memorial head stone.  Final Farewell's goal, via CrowdRise, is to provide this family with a gravestone marker so that they will be forever remembered.

I wish Final Farewell a huge success with this fundraiser and its  upcoming major fundraiser in April. This is a compassionate ministry that in these times of financial hardship is greatly needed and appreciated by the grieving families.

May God continue to bless Final Farewell and everyone involved in this MOST IMPORTANT mission to give comfort to the grieving.

If you would like to help  the family mentioned above, please click here. Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. 

Please note that I  have received absolutely NO compensation  or favors of any sort in exchange for this post.  The opinions/comments in this post are expressly my own and I have no personal stake in the raising of funds for Final Farewell.

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