Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm A Purex Insider... And I Like It

A little while back I stumbled onto a website looking for Purex laundry detergent coupons.  I googled it. Didn't find the coupons I was hoping for, but I found information about becoming a Purex Insider. "Well", I thought, "I've GOT to check THIS out!  After all, I am the Purex Queen!" (At least in my own little world I am.)

So, I took the plunge and I signed up. (Yay me!) And I waited and waited and waited for what seemed forever to get to try out the free sample of their newest product Finally last week, the package arrived. (Yay me!)

I have to confess before we go any further... I don't like, despise, loathe hate doing laundry and anything laundry-related! You see, our laundry "room" is a big open space in our super messy (think aftermath of an F-5 tornado) basement.  It's not a place I want to frequent and I avoid it at all costs.  It's just too stressful to deal with without a glass (or three) of wine.  There, with that confession off of my chest, I can go on further. (Yay me!)

And there it was, laundry day, me with mountains to conquer and a fresh bottle of Ultra Purex Free and Clear and my newly obtained sample.  (Yay me.) And what, you ask, was the sample product? It was their newest fabric softener for the washing machine.  They are sweet smelling crystals - Purex Complete Crystals Softeners. 
And oh what great little crystals they are.  They are 92% natural, non-oil based crystals.  You add them directly to your wash water when you add your detergent. Simple enough.  Even this blond could handle this mission. (Yay me!)

On top of being 92% natural, they:
  • Preserve the flame retardant benefits of your children's clothing (what Mom doesn't love that?); 
  • Retain your athletic wear's wicking ability (a gym-rat's dream);
  • Maintain your towel's ability to absorb water (no more needing multiple towels to dry off); and
  • Keeps your whites from yellowing or graying (woohoo! Less bleach against my family's skin).
I opened the bottle and shook away. It was premeasured on the side of the bottle so there was no guesswork involved with how much to use.  (Yay me!) Something I rarely use is scented products as we live in an eczema-laden household.  Every soap, detergent or skin-related product is hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye free.  Well, this product was not scent free, but it did have a delicious heavenly scent.  (It is available in three scents.) So I thought I'd give it a try on something that doesn't stay on our skin too long, the mountain of towels.

At first the scent was quite strong but after a trip through the washer and then the dryer, the scent mellowed and was enjoyable.  Everything felt as soft as if I'd used my fabric softener sheets.  (Yay me!) My only disappointment is that it doesn't really reduce the static electricity like the fabric softener sheets do.  Maybe they can work on that (hint, hint Mr. Purex)

We tested the freshly laundered towels against our sensitive skin and VIOLA! NO REACTION!!  (Super Yay me!!)  So, it was off to conquer the rest of Mt. Washmore.  After all of the laundry was complete I still had enough of the crystals left over to do about three more loads.

Overall I was satisfied with this product, but would love to see them develop a hypo-allergenic version that is fragrance, dye and color free.  Here that fine people of Purex? Please!!

I received no monetary compensation to write this post.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own and not those of any other person or entity.  In exchange for my membership with Purex Insider, I received one free sample to test of their product. 

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