101 Things in 1,001 Days

Thanks to stalking visiting Julie over at Dutch Being Me, I learned of her challenge to herself to do 101 different things within the confines of 1,001 days. I was immediately hooked and thought, “I CAN do that!”
And thus began my quest to make my own list (although there were a few things on Julie's list that stayed on mine too). I wanted real and substantial items on my list, but as I began typing, I realized that there are some things now on the list that are so simple, but I never did them.  Well, in this season of making resolutions,  am seriously resolving to live this list to the fullest. Will I accomplish it all? Only time will tell, but I aim to do my very best!

So, here it goes…. My list of 101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days*. What's your list look like?

Start date:  Saturday, January 1, 2011
End date:  Friday, September 27, 2013

 *guide to completion…
Blue = Item completed
Red = Item in progress
Strike thru = Item changed

Things involving money… (13)
  • Learn about and make a donation to a new charity (Jan. 2011, St. Baldrick's Fdn.)
  • Get my first children’s book published
  • Purchase my own domain name (http://www.justaphillygirl.com)
  • Sell a piece of unwanted jewelry
  • Pay off all of my credit card debt (February 2014)
  • Buy a digital SLR camera and accompanying lenses
  • Buy a new laptop (February 2013)
  • Purchase new office furniture from Ikea and assemble it myself new bedroom furniture for the boys (October 2013)
  • Set up an emergency fund with (at least) $1,000 in it.
  • Save up Shop for Christmas gifts before December (November 2013)
  • Buy/lease a new vehicle
  • Start savings funds for both boys
  • Start a home-based business Go back to work part time (April 2013 - March 2014)
 Things involving food/drink…(13)
  • Avoid fast food for a month (the boys will NOT be happy about this one!)
  • Try a new recipe once per month every three months
  • Take a cooking/dessert making lesson
  • Have dinner by candlelight
  • Learn to decorate cakes/take Wilton classes
  • Go one or more months without soda (especially Coca Cola!) July 2011 
  • Achieve my personal weight goal
  • Cooking/Eating only at home for a month
  • Tour a local winery
  • Go to a food festival
  • Give up chocolate for a month (Will probably NEVER happen!)
  • Track everything I eat/drink for 30 days straight.
  • Prepare/publish a cookbook of family recipes
 Things involving others…(15)
  • Write a thank you letter to each of my parents.
  • Play in the rain with my boys
  • Finish all the novels/books I’ve started
  • Randomly pay for the meal of someone behind me @ drive thru
  • Go on a picnic out by Lake Huron
  • Go fishing as a family
  • Host a dinner party
  • Host a Super Bowl Party (Super Bowl, St. Patty's Day, Kentucky Derby)
  • Send anonymous flowers to someone
  • Write a love letter to my husband
  • Write letters to my sons about my hopes for their futures
  • Put together a “girls night out” for my friends
  • Put together a “girls night out” for my sisters-in-law
  • Have a board game/Wii night with my family once per month
  • Join the Goodfellows organization a charitable organization (JDRF - December 2013)
Things involving adventure…(10)
  • Go camping in the wild
  • Go camping in the backyard with the boys
  • Sail in a boat
  • Plant and cultivate a vegetable and/or wild flower garden
  • Purchase a star in our galaxy for Tinklemeister & Samantha
  • Star gaze/count the stars while reclining in my glider sipping on a glass of wine
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day (August 2011 - Mackinaw City, MI)
  • Fly a kite with the boys  out at Lake St. Clair
  • Walk the bike trail from my house to the beach, and back again
  • Change my hair color/style  - (hairstyle August 2013; color TBD)
 Things involving travel…(15)
  • See the historical sites in Philadelphia
  • Put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean
  • See the Canadian Falls in Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Take a vacation to the Outer Banks Myrtle Beach
  • Spend a weekend sightseeing in Chicago     
  • Visit New England in the Fall
  • Attend my high school reunion in Philadelphia, PA (November 2-6, 2011)
  • Visit the Camden, NJ and Chicago, IL aquariums
  • Spend a day at the Smithsonian Museum searching for the original Kermit the Frog
  • Take a week-long vacation to Disney in Orlando, FL
  • Return to Holland, MI and see the sites and Lake Michigan
  • Go to Ellis Island
  • Visit family in Long Island, NY
  • Visit every house/building in Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI
  • Visit the Toledo Zoo
 Things involving learning…(15)
  • Return to college
  • Become/relearn bilingual (Spanish)
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Read the complete works of John Steinbeck
  • Identify 101 things that make me happy
  • Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over
  • Write down every dream I have for a week
  • Take a photography class
  • Research my family heritage as far back as possible
  • Enter an online contest
  • Start/finish a new book in a week  (accomplished multiple times)
  • Learn sign language
  • Learn to frame a wall
  • Learn to hang drywall build a fire pit
  • Learn to build a privacy fence
 Things that are random…(20)
  • Get over my crippling dental phobia and visit the dentist regularly
  • Surprise a neighbor with a tray of cookies for no particular holiday/reason
  • Complete a coloring book
  • Get my picture taken with Santa and my boys
  • Donate blood at least once Boo, they won't let me because of all of the vitamin supplements I MUST take. Gotta find something to replace this ASAP.
  • Workout everyday for 30 days straight (Summer of 2012)
  • Complete a Zumba class
  • Run a mile with a friend
  • Complete one scrapbook for each of my boys
  • Make my own greeting cards
  • Send/receive 10 postcards via postcrossing.com
  • Watch “The Song of Bernadette” on DVD without crying like a baby
  • Add to my collection of turtle items
  • Adopt a Detroit Zoo animal
  • Fill up frames I own with photos of people I care about
  • Print and hang my nature photography
  • Wear makeup for a week and don’t go out in public w/o it
  • Watch all of “I,  Claudius” from start to finish on Netflix
  • Send a “thinking of you” card to a friend who would least expect it (Jan. 2011 - I actually sent two!)
  • Watch 4th of July fireworks along Lake St. Clair
 *guide to completion…
Blue = Item completed
Red = Item in progress
Strike thru = Item changed