Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For The Love…Of Blogging Top Ten Tuesday

OK, so I moseyed on over to Sluiter Nation today as I usually do and came across Katie's top ten reasons that she blogs.  So, I thought I'd give it a go...

10.  Freedom. Blogging gives me the freedom to say the things to the world that I would otherwise not say to their face.  If I get annoyed with some one, I blog about it.  If someone hurts me and I can't face that person, I blog about it.  I can even share a good joke or laugh.

09.  Therapy.  Blogging helps me prepare for the next session with my son's therapist.  When I write posts about how things went or what I'm hoping for I sometimes hope that my little thoughts will help some other Mom going through the same things as I face with my son.  It also helps me get through the rough and dark days whe n I can't deal with the death of my daughter.

08. It's an Amazing Support System.  This wholeheartedly connects to # 9.  When I have a bad day with my son and he's not doing so well, I can post a blog and know that someone out there has walked in my footsteps already and can lend a supportive shoulder to lean on.  We can cry, laugh, scream and even sing together.

07. The Sisterhood That is Dear to My Heart.  I've "met" so many amazing women in just the six months I've been blogging.  If I post a question on a forum or just stop to spread some blog love, I know that they will genuinely appreciate it.  They are there to listen, lend a help when you're stuck in writer's block prison and will give you honest to goodness feed back when you ask their opinion.  And these women? They don't care what size you are, whether or not you own the latest fashions or designer purses or even the brand of cheap wine you drink.  They just care about YOU.

06. Seeing the World Through Others' Eyes.  I've met so many great people from all pover these United States.  I've learned about life in Missouri, California, Texas and even about life in our neighbor to the north, Canada.

05. Reading Others' Blogs.  I love to read and just don't have the time to devote to reading an entire novel.  Blogs are short (mostly) and to the point. It's a great escape for me.

04. Reviving the Creative Juices.  Many, many moons ago I wrote poetry when I was just a wee school girl.  Then I grew up and got a life and slowly stopped writing.  Blogging has revived my love for the written word.  Once I start typing I just can NOT seem to stop.

03. It's ALL MINE.  No one can tell me what to write or how to write it.  I can write fact or fiction.  I can be overly dramatic or cleverly subdued.  No one can edit away my words to meet their hidden agendas.  I can chose to accept or delete their comments if they get too personal or too nasty. It's MINE and no one can take it away from me!

02. Leaving a Legacy for My Children.  Years from now when my memory has faded, I will be able to log in to my computer and share my life with my sons and their children.  They'll know the REAL Mom and what she felt and what she dreamed. 

01. Just For Me To Remember Who I Am.  Sometimes we, in the many roles of wife, mother, daughter, friend, get so lost we don't know just exactly who we are.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to remember just who I was before all of the life changing events that happened to me actually happened.

So tell me, why do YOU blog??  Jot 'em down and share with the class over st Slutier Nation.  Go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Join  our BLOG HOP, won't you?

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  1. I've just stumbled upon this "For the Love of Blogging" topic, and I love it. You cover such valid points. I sometimes get into a funk and wonder why I'm blogging, then I read posts like this, and it makes me realize how much fuller my life is when I'm able to verbalize everything in my head. I'm sure my family would beg to differ since everything in my head involves them. But oh well. :)