Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Blessing of Our Year

This year we were blessed to have my Mom come and spend Thanksgiving at our home.  Why would something that ordinary be a blessing to us, you ask?  You see, my Mom lives 600 plus miles from us and for the last year and a half has been battling gastro-espohageal cancer.  (And, by the way, she's kicking cancer's ass!)  It was, by far, the BEST three weeks of my year!

My two boys cherished every moment, snuggle, hug and kiss they received from her.  They loved sitting down to Thanksgiving and having her say Grace before our meal with them.  They loved saying their prayers at night with her.  They lived for story time before bed.  Oh how they missed snuggling up with her and watching cartoons or a Christmas special.  They squeezed 18 months worth of loving into three very fast weeks.

If there was any one person who I would have my boys love more than they love me, it would be my Mom.  They have such a special bond.  They speak their own little language, body signals, nuances that only they understand.  And I'm so glad that they do. 

The highlight of Mom's visit this year was the evening we decorated the large family Christmas tree.  Every ornament on our tree has a long history and an order to which it goes onto our tree.  As each one is placed on the tree we retell the story of where it came from, who gave it to us, how old it is and who, if at all, owned it before we did.  It's our family story.  It's where we came from.  It is our legacy. 

And it is also an evening that will be forever ingrained in our memories.  For that is our best blessing of our year and the best present we have ever received.

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