Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A PTA Mom's Delight

Well, we just had our Summer Brain Storming meeting for my oldest son's school PTA. What a GREAT group of ladies that are a part of this community. In the span of a few hours we laughed and we cried, we shared crazy stories of our summers so far. So many things going on in all of our lives. So much tragedy and some happy news too. It was the highlight of the week so far... Not bad since it was only Monday!

It always amazes me how a group of women coming from different backgrounds who are all so different in so many ways can be so similar at the same time. These women amaze me! I have learned so much about being a mom to a school-age child just from one school year with these ladies!

Hit a wall with a behavior issue? At least ONE of these gals has walked in my shoes. Need the name of a good dentist or doctor? Just ask and you'll get a list as long as your arm. It's so nice to be able to have friends to go to for HONEST advice. A real sense of loving community!

Amazingly heartwarming for a girl who's transplanted from Philly to the mid-west! Who'd have thunk it?? Not me!

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