Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Time of Month

Well, it was bound to happen yet again.  I should have known it was coming, but I just lost track of time.  How could I not be ready for what was to come? 

It's that one week out of the month that all women dread. The week from  hell where we get nothing accomplished.  That week when every sound uttered from your child's mouth is like fingernails being raked down the surface of a blackboard. That one week when you feel completely out of  sync with the entire world.  It's knowing that no matter how hard you try, everything will just go wrong.

I can usually tell it's coming because it's usually the week that Buddy gets banned from electronic equipment and Tinklemeister damages something expensive in the house or flushes something he shouldn't down the loo. But this month I was totally blindsided even though Buddy DID get  banned from electronic equipment.  

How can that be? How did I not know? Why was I not prepared?  What is happening to me? 
Maybe next month I'll have it all together to realize when it's the... 


What did you think I was talking about?? 
In case you're wondering when the next full moon will be, just visit


  1. The full moon is never a good thing. I too should really pay attention to when it is going to be so I can prepare or something.

  2. haha! That's funny! I taught public school for 9 years and I never had to look up the lunar cycle or the weather forecast. The kids' behavior let me know ahead of time!

  3. There really is something to that full moon thing. Kiddos act crazy, and so do my dogs!